Rega Aria MK3



If you have a good turntable, the Aria is a superb partner for it. Phono stages of this quality are rare. The new Aria has been facelifted with a new look to match the new range of Rega electronics.

The Aria has two inputs; one for moving magnet cartridges and the other for moving coils. Unusually, the MC section isn’t just the MM circuitry with some added gain, as it is in most rival designs. Here, Rega has designed and implemented two separate circuits, each optimised for the particular characteristics of each cartridge type. In theory, this should give a better performance.

While the MM section is fixed – as is usual – there’s plenty of cartridge loading adjustment on the moving coil side, allowing the user to fine tune the capacitance and resistance of the input.

This unit produces a responsive and agile sound that tracks dynamic shifts – both large and small scale – very well. The Aria has plenty of resolution, and the ability to organise all that information in a coherent way. The music always makes sense, even when the piece becomes complex. This sense of composure and control is evident in everything the phono stage does, but importantly, excitement and entertainment aren’t sacrificed in the process.

The Aria is a fine all-rounder with power, scale and authority.

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