Premium Turntable & Speaker Package

$1,589.00 $1,488.00

Rega P1 Plus Turntable + Audioengine A5+

For those looking for a setup that will make heads turn.

The Rega P1 Plus turntable paired with the Audioengine A5+ is one of our most popular pairings. It’s sleek, minimalist aesthetics will fit into almost any room. The sonics you get from this pairing will get your feet tapping as soon as the needle hits the wax. The A5+ is bluetooth enabled so you can stream music off your mobile device when you are not listening to records.

You can set this package up in minutes. The Rega P1 Plus is probably the easiest turntable to set up out of the box. Pair it with the A5+ and enjoy bold stereo sound that can fill every room.

This setup is perfect for living rooms and bigger halls.

The Rega P1+ is available in black, white or walnut (for a little extra). The A5+ is available in black or white.