Intermediate Turntable & Speaker Package

$958.00 $888.00

Audio-Technica LPW40 Turntable + Audioengine A2+ Speakers

Just starting out on your vinyl journey but want something a little better? Our intermediate package pairs the Audio-Technica LP40 with the Audioengine A2+ speakers.

The LP40 is the first turntable by Audio-Technica that steers away from their traditional chunky looks. It looks good and has good sonics to match. Spotting a carbon-fiber tonearm that reduces unwanted noise, the turntable is a hard one to beat in its price category.

“So freaking good for their size” is the normal reaction we get from those hearing the Audioengine A2+ speakers for the first time. Indeed it is one of the smallest desktop speakers on the market so space is not an excuse when pursuing good sound.

The LP40 comes in walnut veneer and the A2+ comes in white, black or red.