Nagaoka MP-150 phono cartridge


Nagaoka only makes MM cartridges, and is fully focused on making the best. This new range achieves not only the trademark smooth sound of MM cartriges, but also the transparency and accuracy in tonality traditionally associated with MC cartridges. MM cartridges have come a long way! All Nagaoka cartridges features a replaceable stylus to protect your investment.

Complete instructions and mounting hardware are included.

The Nagaoka MP-150 phono cartridge is ambitious model using a tapered cantilever and an elliptical tip delivering a firm, tight and muscular sound. It offers superior clarity, detail and dynamic contrast and a solid bass, superb fluidity across the frequency spectrum, and sweet highs.

  • Superfine polished elliptical diamond stylus tip
  • Powerful samarium cobalt magnet
  • Lightweight hardening taper aluminum alloy cantilever
  • Carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic pole shoe
  • Anti-ferro-magnetic permalloy shield casing


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