Nagaoka MP-110 phono cartridge


Nagaoka only make MM cartridges, and is fully focused on making the best. This new range achieves not only the trademark smooth sound of MM cartriges, but also the transparency and accuracy in tonality traditionally associated with MC cartridges. MM cartridges have come a long way! All Nagaoka cartridges features a replaceable stylus to protect your investment.
The successor to the highly acclaimed and classic Nagaoka MP-11 phono cartridge, the new Nagaoka MP-110  phono cartridge extends and strengthens its predecessor’s prowess and talents to a new level of radiance. You’ll hear more music, more detailed refinement to enjoy and savor. The Nagaoka MP-110  is the cartridge to start with and to keep for a long time.


– SuperFine polished elliptical diamond bonded stylus
– Powerful samarium cobalt magnet
– Lightweight aluminum alloy cantilever
– Carbon Fibre reinforced plastic shoe
– Anti-ferro magnetic permalloy shield casing

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