“Sealy Dan” Resealable Record Outer Sleeves by RetroCrates MK2


Improved version!

Protect your precious record covers from dust and damage with “Sealy Dan” Resealable Record Outer Sleeves!

The sleeves fit single and most gatefold LPs. These most affectionately known to many collectors as the Japanese Resealable Sleeves, provide for ample protection of your records as well as easy visibility and access on your shelves. The clear low density polyethylene sleeves protects against scuffs, wear and dirt and keep your music artwork in mint condition.

For sizing, they fit snugly on single LPs yet large enough to accommodate most gatefold jackets.

“Sealy Dan” Resealable Record Outer Sleeves are an absolute necessity for any record collector.

Each pack contains 50 resealable outer sleeves.