REO Speedwagon – The Hits (Vinyl LP)


Formed in 1967, REO Speedwagon gained cult-like popularity in the 1970s with mainstream success coming in the 1980s. Their album Hi Infidelity, released in 1980, included four Top 40 hits and is certified nine times platinum. Those classic charters include “Keep on Loving You,” “Take It On the Run,” and “Don’t Let Him Go,” all featured prominently on this 1988 Hits package which also gathers further definitive fare like “Can’t Fight This Feeling,” “Roll With The Changes,” “Ridin’ The Storm Out,” and “Keep Pushin” plus the then new cuts “Here With Me” and “I Don’t Want to Lose You.”

  1. I Don’t Want To Lose You
  2. Here With Me
  3. Roll With The Changes
  4. Keep On Loving You
  5. That Ain’t Love
  6. Take It On The Run
  7. Don’t Let Him Go
  8. Can’t Fight This Feeling
  9. Keep Pushin’
  10. In My Dreams
  11. Time For Me To Fly
  12. Ridin’ The Storm Out (Live)

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