KEF – LSX II Wireless Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)


Pristine Power, Amazing Convenience, and Room-Filling Sound: KEF LSX II Powered Speakers Deliver Remarkably Wide Soundstages from a Compact Cabinet

Get ready to have your mind blown. KEF engineers have designed the definitive compact, wireless, hi-fi system: the LSX II powered speakers. This exquisite system represents the culmination of years of design research to achieve unprecedented, authoritative sound with ultra-wide soundstages—all from a pair of compact speakers that are easy to position, easy to drive, and most importantly, easy to love.

LSX II embodies the next level of free-flowing, mind-blowing, wireless speaker performance. These beautiful gems deliver pristine, accurate, engaging sound, combined with the convenience and compatibility of the very best wireless technology.

Each LSX II speaker uses a version of KEF’s 11th-generation Uni-Q driver array, specifically designed for this loudspeaker. This proprietary technology acts as a point source, with the tweeter placed at the exact acoustic center of the woofer, recreating how sound is produced naturally. This design eliminates the annoyance of a tiny ‘sweet spot’: Instead of having to remain in one small spot to experience great sound, LSX II delivers robust, dynamic sound to all the listeners, no matter where they are sitting or standing in the room.

LSX II offers a combined 200 watts of system power. Both the tweeter and woofer are powered by their own dedicated amplifiers to deliver room-filling sound that will have you asking, “Is all that glorious music actually coming from those two compact speakers?”

Connectivity options are enhanced from the original LSX model via the addition of both HDMI and USB-C, making LSX II an ideal companion for TV, laptop, and desktop computer set-ups. LSX II combines class-leading sound with the all-encompassing W2 wireless platform found in the trailblazing LS50 Wireless II and LS60 Wireless speakers. This ensures that no matter how you want to listen to music—including with a turntable—you can do so without any fuss.

Compared to the award-winning original model, the performance of LSX II has been significantly improved, thanks to the Music Integrity Engine. Optimized for the Uni-Q driver, the Music Integrity Engine enables LSX II to deliver a perfectly timed performance for better clarity and a tighter, more authentic sound.

The LSX II comes with a host of user-friendly features, including volume settings, sensitivity adjustments, and the ability to select a source to wake it up.

You can choose to connect these speakers wirelessly with 24-bit/48kHz resolution for a cable-free setup, or with the supplied cable for 24-bit/96kHz resolution. In addition to an interspeaker cable, LSX II comes with power cords, a remote control, a KEF warranty, and, of course, RetroCrates customer support.

Simple Installation, Easy Operation, and a Powerful App

LSX II speakers are simple to set up. The KEF Connect app walks you through the process. The app also controls the system and playback navigation, and it features intuitive sound settings so you can adjust LSX II to best suit your room. With the powerful Room EQ DSP, LSX II can be fine-tuned to your personal taste without any hassle. The ‘Normal’ mode is designed to walk you through the process with easy questions. (All you might need is a tape measure.) ‘Expert’ mode provides extra customizability.

For easy integration of a KEF subwoofer with LSX II, Room EQ includes subwoofer pre-sets that are designed to create a smooth integration with the main speakers.

Galaxies of Music

The KEF Connect app lets you stream TIDAL, Qobuz, Amazon Music, Deezer, internet radio stations and podcasts. Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast seamlessly stream audio from compatible devices, while Bluetooth expands the options even further. You can use native apps to stream directly from TIDAL, Spotify Connect, and QPlay, and LSX II is Roon Ready. When using Airplay 2, Chromecast, or Roon, you can stream to multiple speakers, so you can play music all over your house.

If you own an extensive music library, you can rediscover your favorite tracks with the LSX II. You can play your private music collection from a compatible NAS drive or music server. Audiophiles can enjoy exquisite sound, thanks to extensive file support up to 24-bit/384kHz (PCM), DSD, and full MQA rendering.

Next-Generation Plug & Play

Along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, LSX II also boasts a comprehensive collection of wired connections. They include HDMI ARC for seamless control using a TV remote and a high-quality USB-C input, making LSX II the perfect desktop audio system for your computer. There are also connections for your turntable, CD player, games console, and many other devices. And, if you demand that your movies and music come with some extra bottom end, LSX II has a dedicated output so you can connect a KEF subwoofer for the bass tones you crave.

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