Herb Alpert – Music Volume 3: Herb Alpert Reimagines the Tijuana Brass (Vinyl LP)


For Music Volume 3: Herb Alpert Reimagines The Tijuana Brass, beloved and prolific musician Herb Alpert has revisited some of his most iconic songs with the Tijuana Brass, and transformed them. This reinvention of historic recordings like “A Taste Of Honey,” “Lonely Bull,” “Spanish Flea” and many more were “scrambled up,” as Herb says. A mix of new arrangements, production, new studio takes and in some case even samples of the originals were used to make them fresh and surprising, and a way for Herb to continue sharing positivity with a world in need of it. The album also finds Herb continuing his partnership with producer Jochem van der Saag.

Several of the songs on Music Volume 3 appeared on albums during an unprecedented run in 1966, when four Herb Alpert and Tijuana Brass releases were on the Billboard Top 10 at the same time. Music Volume 3 begins appropriately with “The Lonely Bull,” Alpert’s first smash hit. It includes a surprising mash-up, too – of “Spanish Flea” into “Rise,” two famous songs blended together here for the first time.

Herb and Jochem transport “Work Song” (from 1966’s SRO) into a slow burning dub groove. The traditional spiritual “Wade In The Water” (from 1967’s Sounds Like…) has taken a trip to Brazil in its new iteration, featuring vocals by Lani Hall. Herb chose to transform “America” (from West Side Story and included on 1963’s Vol. 2) into a more lyrical, somber mood because he thought of the song in an emotional way after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico last year.

  1. The Lonely Bull
  2. Spanish Flea / Rise
  3. Work Song
  4. I’m Getting Sentimental Over You
  5. Green Peppers
  6. Whipped Cream
  7. A Taste Of Honey
  8. Spanish Harlem
  9. Bittersweet Samba
  10. Wade In The Water
  11. El Presidente
  12. America

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