Blur – The Magic Whip (Vinyl 2LP)


Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James and Dave Rowntree are back with a brand new album. The Magic Whip thrums with ideas and possibilities. Isolation and the de-peronalising qualities of modern living weave through the album’s 12 songs.

Songs on The Magic Whip mention internet hotspots, satellite showers, industrial light and glass arcades. Initially conceived in Hong Kong, during downtime following a cancelled show in Japan, the band spent five days laying down ideas.

It wasn’t until Graham Coxon reprised these sessions and presented them to long-time producer Stephen Street, who went on to develop them with the guitarist, that they realised they might have material worthy of a new album.


  1.   LP  
    1. Lonesome Street (4:23)
    2. New World Towers (4:02)
    3. Go Out (4:40)
    4. Ice Cream Man (3:23)
    5. Thought I Was A Spaceman (6:16)
    6. I Broadcast (2:52)
  2.    LP  
    1. My Terracotta Heart (4:05)
    2. There Are Too Many Of Us (4:26)
    3. Ghost Ship (4:59)
    4. Pyongyang (5:38)
    5. Ong Ong (3:06)
    6. Mirrorball (3:37)

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