Ahmad Jamal Trio – Ahmad Jamal At The Pershing (Analogue Productions 200g Mono Vinyl LP)


Mono 200g Vinyl LP Reissue Mastered at Sterling Sound from the Original Tapes!

Jazz pianist, composer, bandleader, Grammy-nominee, and Kennedy Center legend Ahmad Jamal has for five decades been one of the most successful small-group leaders in jazz and one of the genre’s all-time great pianists. His artistry, talent and creative abilities have thrilled audiences and been broadly acclaimed by musicians and music lovers alike.

At The Pershing: But Not For Me 
is Jamal’s dazzling fountain of creative splendor in full flow. In 1956 Jamal’s new trio (with Israel Crosby on bass and Vernell Fournier on drums) began a residency at Chicago’s Pershing Hotel, and two years later the group recorded At The Pershing: But Not For Me, which spent 108 weeks among the Top Ten best selling albums on the Billboard charts. Recorded on January 16, 1958, each set played that night was recorded for a total of 43 tracks, eight of which were selected by Jamal for the album. “That album sold over one million copies and is still selling,” Jamal says. He attributes its success to the power of music. “It’s contagious. Music belongs to the world. So something that is of value, whether it’s Ravel’s Boléro or, specifically, At The Pershing, the world listens. And if it’s good, you’re going to get one or two listeners…and I got a few more than two!”

This Analogue Productions 200g vinyl P reissue has matchless listenability, employing steps calculated to extract the highest-quality transfer and playback from the original master tape. Mastering took place at Sterling Sound, while the plating and pressing comes courtesy of Quality Record Pressings. A Stoughton Printing old-style tip-on jacket rounds out the essential package!

Ahmad Jamal, piano
Israel Crosby, bass
Vernell Fournier, drums

• Mono 200g vinyl LP from Analogue Productions
• Mastered at Sterling Sound from the original tapes
• Plating and pressing by Quality Record Pressings
• Stoughton Printing old-style tip-on jacket

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