Aaliyah – Ultimate Aaliyah (Vinyl 3LP)


Available on Vinyl for the First Time as 3LP-Set!

When considering Aaliyah’s track record, it’s befitting that her name means “The highest, most exalted one, the best.” Ultimate Aaliyah served as the second and final compilation album by the legendary R&B singer, originally released by Blackground Records on CD only in 2005. Available on vinyl for the first time here as a 3LP-set, the 25-track affair collects all of Aaliyah’s greatest hits plus material from soundtracks and featured work with labelmate Timbaland including “One in a Million,” “Are You That Somebody?”, “Rock the Boat,” “Try Again,” “If Your Girl Only Knew,”  and “At Your Best (You Are Love)” among others!

  1. One in a Million
  2. If Your Girl Only Knew
  3. Hot Like Fire
  4. The One I Gave My Heart To
  5. Got to Give It Up (feat. Slick Rick)
  6. 4 Page Letter
  7. We Need a Resolution (feat. Timbaland)
  8. Rock the Boat
  9. More Than a Woman
  10. I Care 4 U
  11. Try Again
  12. Back & Forth
  13. Are You That Somebody?
  14. Don’t Know What to Tell Ya
  15. Miss You
  16. At Your Best (You Are Love)
  17. Are You Feelin’ Me?
  18. Messed Up
  19. Come Back in One Piece (feat. DMX)
  20. I Don’t Wanna
  21. Man Undercover (feat. Timbaland)
  22. John Blaze (feat. Missy Elliot)
  23. I Am Music (feat. Timbaland & Static Major)
  24. More Than a Woman (Bump N Flex Club Mix)
  25. Hold On (feat. Wyclef Jean, Timbaland & Magoo)

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