We grade records based on the original system developed by Goldmine Records and highlight the condition of (1) the LP (2) the inner (lyric) sleeve, if any, and (3) the cover. We grade our records conservatively.

All our records available online are in the Mint, A and B grading categories.

Not every record that goes through our hands would be played in its entirety before it gets graded – that’s the honest fact. The time taken makes it too impractical for most record sellers to run through every single track. As such, most records listed will have tracks randomly tested and are visually graded unless otherwise highlighted. 

M (MINT) – Absolutely perfect in every way. Never been played, and still sealed. Used purely for new, unopened records in our context.

A (NEAR MINT)  – A nearly perfect record. Record shows no obvious signs of wear. The record may show the most minor of defects, eg, invisible ring wear. The LP cover should have no creases or folds, seam splits or other noticeable defects.

B (VERY GOOD) – This record will show some signs that it was played but otherwise in good condition. Record surfaces may show some signs of wear and tear and may have slight scuffs or very light scratches that don’t affect one’s listening experiences. Slight warps that do not affect sound are acceptable. Label may have some ring wear or discolouration. The LP cover may show signs of wear.

C (FAIR) – Surface noise will be evident upon playing, especially in soft passages and during a song’s intro and fade, but will not overpower the music. Groove wear will be noticeable, as with light scratches and some may be deep enough to affect the sound. Labels may be marred by writing or have tape/stickers/residue attached.

D (POOR) – The record is badly warped and/or will not play through without skipping or repeating. There could be water damage, seam splits on all sides. The LP cover barely keeps the LP inside it. Best used as a decoration 🙂