Stockfisch Records Vinyl Collection (180g Vinyl LP)


Direct Metal Mastering Pressed on High Quality 180 Gram Vinyl!

During the eighties not only experts and professionals assured: the vinyl record will be squeezed out of the market by new digital sound media very soon. From today´s view this is an obvious mistake, because turn tables, preamplifiers, and vinyl records still exist!

Stockfisch-Records and its mastering studio Pauler Acoustics never acted on this assumed trend. Far from it! Stockfisch had always dedicated the black discs deliberately to selected recordings: think about the vinyl releases of Sara K.´s “Water Falls” or “Pearl Diver” by David Roth . They have selected 10 extraordinary tracks from the Stockfisch repertoire of the last 4 years and compiled them for another Stockfisch-LP of uncompromising quality (180g vinyl, audiophile pressing, DMM cutting, detailed booklet with photos and explanations).

• DMM 180g Audiophile Vinyl Pressing

1. No Sanctuary Here – Chris Jones
2. Stars – Sara K.
3. Captain Of The Loving Kind – Paul Stephenson
4. Caruso – Christian Willisohn
5. Song For You Far Away – David Roth
6. Closer – Steve Strauss
7. Paris – Ewen Carruthers
8. The Same Kind Words – Eugene Ruffolo
9. Heaven – Mike Silver
10. Au large du Gueveur – Louis Capart & Duo Balance

This Stockfisch vinyl collection is released as an audophile pressing with 180 grams/6.4 oz.

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