Stan Getz – Cafe Montmartre


Stan had come home to the Cafe Montmartre in Denmark in 1991, and for the last time, in front of a familiar audience, he would tell some of those marvelous stories whose secret was his alone; stories filled with emotion and dignity, stories that were unimaginable, but true: “I never played a note I didn’t feel intimately, and I’d like that to be my epitaph.”

On that night it was the impeccable Kenny Barron who sat down at the piano, accompanied by the fearless Rufus Reid and Victor Lewis on bass and drums.


  1. People Time
  2. I Thought About You
  3. Soul Eyes
  4. I Can’t Get Started
  5. I’m Okay
  6. Falling In Love
  7. I Remember Clifford
  8. Blood Count
  9. First Song (For Ruth)

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