Rega Elicit-R integrated stereo amplifier



The priciest of the range of Rega amps that we carry but it easily beats the competition in this price category. The Elicit-R’s constant ability to impress with its fine detail retrieval and superb timing is the reason it’s been able to outperform the competition.
The amp’s composure lets the loud parts sing out gloriously, while quieter moments of a song still exhibit plenty of detail.

The custom metal case still has a black satin finish, and is as solid as ever. At 13kg it’s rather heavy too – which helps the premium feel.

The Elicit-R outputs 105W per channel into 8 ohms (which, honestly, is plenty for most situations).

Winner, WHAT HI-Fi Awards 2014-2016 Best Stereo Amplifier £1000+

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