Rega Elex-R Integrated Stereo Amplifier


Musically, it’s untouchable. The Elex-R’s ability to get to the heart of the music and convey all the emotion in the recording with ease is unsurpassed by other amplifiers in this price range. Billed as a hybrid of the smaller Brio-R and the more powerful Elicit-R, what it lacks in aesthetic subtlety, it more than compensates for in the sheer sturdiness of its casework which, according to Rega, is one of the reasons it sounds the way it does.

You get a good quality MM phono stage, one that’s talented enough to make the most of $3000 turntable packages, such as Rega’s own P6.

Winner, WHAT HI-Fi Awards 2017 Best Stereo Amplifier £700-£1500 Winner, Hi-Fi Choice Group Test 2017

The Elex-R comes with a 1 year warranty covered by the main agent in Singapore. The Rega Elex-R is proudly Made in the UK

For technical specifications: