Rammstein – Reise, Reise (180g Vinyl 2LP)


In over two decades of uncompromising music-making, Rammstein have evolved from their initial hard rock beginnings to dominate the industrial and dance-rock scenes. Single-handedly defining the music termed “Neue Deutsche Härte” (New German Hardness) with their 1995 debut album, Herzeleid, they have gone on to become one of the most ambitious and fearless bands of any genre. 2004’s Reise, Reise was recorded in El Cortijo, Malaga and songs are sung in German, English and Russian. Clouding the EU directive perhaps is the sardonic “Amerika” and the unusually reflective symphonic metal of “Ohne Dich” with its glorious cellos (played by Apocalyptica). The musical palette is broadened by the use of chorale, mandolin, oboe and accordion, with the track “Keine Lust” making inroads into territories who were not getting up to speed with Rammstein when they dropped this masterpiece. Remastered in 2015 by longtime Rammstein sound engineers and pressed on 180g 2LP.


  1. Reise Reise
  2. Mein Teil
  3. Dalai Lama
  4. Keine Lust
  5. Los
  6. Amerika


  1. Moskau
  2. Morgenstern
  3. Stein Um Stein
  4. Ohne Dich
  5. Amour

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