Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (Vinyl LP)


Born out of restlessness and a steady hunt for inspiration, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is a career-defining album, filled with Phoenix’s signature melding of synthetics and organics, sharp, danceable rhythms, infectious choruses with a considerable dose of aural panache, and candy-colored pop sensibilities. Staying true to what makes Phoenix so special, a sense of whimsical breeziness envelopes these songs in a state of utter pop perfection.

After a triumphant worldwide tour behind It’s Never Been Like ThatPhoenix, comprised of Thomas Mars (vocals), Laurent ‘Branco’ Brancowitz (guitars), Christian Mazzalai (guitars), and Deck D’Arcy (keyboards), decided to head out to the Montmartre house of friend, Philip Zdar of Cassius, to record in his studio. From opener and first single “Lisztomania,” it’s clear that Phoenix is light-year’s beyond anything they’ve done before. “1901” leaps out of the speakers with its fizzy power synths, rollicking drums and anthemic chours. “Fences” is velvet-smooth and soulful, with shimmering keys, chugging acoustic guitars and Thomas‘ lovelorn croon. Closing track “Armistice” is coiled and sinister, ending the album with staggered keyboard notes left hanging in the balance.

“The French quartet effortlessly merges synthesizers and guitars, rave-tastic drums and ambient texture into a series of indelible, perfectly sequenced pop songs.” -Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune, 2009’s Best Recordings, December 13, 2009

Phoenix Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix Track Listing:

1. Lisztomania
2. 1901
3. Fences
4. Love Like A Sunset Pt. 1
5. Love Like A Sunset Pt. 2
6. Lasso
7. Rome
8. Countdown
9. Girlfriend
10. Armistice

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