Oddfellows – What’s Yours And Mine (Vinyl LP)


What’s Yours And Mine, released on 24 September 2021 on streaming and digital platforms, is the third studio album by The Oddfellows. A year on, the album is finally available on vinyl and CD via Teenage Head Records.

Carnival, their last album, was released in 1992. Since then, The Oddfellows have continued to perform and record, only taking a hiatus from 2001 till around 2004 when Johnny was studying in Taiwan. The band was recording its third album in the late 90s for Springroll label when the Asian Financial Crisis hit and the label closed its doors in Singapore. The recording with producer Shah Tahir was abandoned and the tape reels were lost. Only a few rough mixes on cassette tapes were left from the recording sessions.

The band performed at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre in December 2020 when the authorities allowed an audience to attend live gigs. Upon Kelvin’s suggestion to perform a new song at the gig, Patrick wrote “New Future”, a song very much about living in the current COVID-19 pandemic period. After the well-received gigs, the band felt the time was right to record a new album.

What’s Yours And Mine is an album very much made for 2021. The Oddfellows want us to feel that we have the power to find positives amidst the struggles, to embrace life, and to be able to lift ourselves and others up in these challenging times. This album, this feeling, is yours and mine.

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