Nubya Garcia – Nubya’s 5ive


The most interesting jazz release of 2017 comes by the very capable hands of London-based newcomer saxophonist/composer Nubya Garcia, who is finally debuting solo material after a series of high-profile collaborations with the likes of Melt Yourself Down ad Polar Bear. Nubya’s 5ive is a warm, soothing collection of tracks (five, in fact) that bring in echoes of spiritual jazz (Coltrane is an obvious influence here) mixed with jazz-beat and touches of RnB and hip-hop here and there. Despite the wide array of influences running in and out of focus, there is an undeniable sense of orientation that guides Garcia’s loosely drawn improvisations with her band, making this a really effective and eloquent debut EP that can easily put her name on the high ends of every promising new jazz artists lists around. A magnificent display of virtuosity guided by a splendid, cadenced guidance that very few leaders can pull off these days.

Joe Armon-Jones / Piano (all tracks)
Moses Boyd / Drums (all tracks)
Daniel Casimir / Bass (all tracks)
Femi Koloeso / Drums (1, 3, 6)
Sheila Maurice-Grey / Trumpet (1)
Theon Cross / Tuba (3, 6)

Recorded at: Soup Studios
Engineered by: David Holmes
Mixed by: David Wehinm
Mastered by: Cicely Balston at Air Mastering


A1 Lost Kingdoms 7:38
A2 Fly Free 9:41
A3 Hold 7:09
B1 Contemplation 9:56
B2 Red Sun 8:17
B3 Hold (Alternate Take) 5:29

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