Miles Davis – Bopping The Blues (ORG 180g Vinyl LP)


One of Miles Davis’ earliest recording sessions. The very first known instance of the famed trumpeter playing in an “open” style, and in a band with legendary tenor saxophonist Gene Ammons and drummer Art Blakey. Need any more be said? Very few jazz albums possess more historical import and wow-inspiring significance than Bopping the Blues, which documents a 1946 session in which Davis supported a group and two singers, Earl Coleman and Ann Baker, in a splendid bop affair. Yes, it’s got that elusive Holy Grail quality.

Originally released by the UK label Black Lion, an imprint that specialized in resurrecting rare gems from US jazz and blues legends, Bopping the Blues marks what are indisputably Davis’ initial open-voiced contributions and a can’t-miss opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to get closer to the man and his music. Helmed by ORG Music, this historical reissue is afforded the ultimate in audiophile production standards, resulting in sonics and presentation befitting the museum-like worth of this record’s existence.

Mastered from the original master tapes at Bernie Grundman Studios by Chris Bellman and pressed at Pallas, the 180g LP was curated by legendary engineer Steve Hoffman and eq’d by Grundman himself
. A better team you cannot find; every step involved serious quality-control measures to guarantee gorgeous sound. The superb vinyl jacket features exclusive artwork. Indeed, this is what being a collector is all about. The title may not be widely known to most, but this reissue preserves vital music that will be enjoyed by generations to come. Consider it a buried treasure that, miraculously, has resurfaced in better condition than that when it was originally made.

Miles Davis Bopping the Blues Track Listing:

1. Don’t Sing Me The Blues (Take 1) – 2:57
2. Don’t Sing Me The Blues (Take 2) – 2:56
3. I’ve Always Got The Blues (Take 1 Incomplete) – 2:19
4. I’ve Always Got The Blues (Take 2) – 3:12
5. I’ve Always Got The Blues (Take 3) – 2:53
6. Don’t Explain To Me Baby (Take 1) – 3:6
7. Don’t Explain To Me Baby (Take 2) – 2:55
8. Don’t Explain To Me Baby (Take 3) – 2:58
9. Don’t Explain To Me Baby (Take 4) – 2:56
10. Baby, Won’t You Make Up Your Mind (Take 1) – 2:59
11. Baby, Won’t You Make Up Your Mind (Take 2) – 2:59
12. Baby, Won’t You Make Up Your Mind (Take 3) – 3:12

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