Lucinda Williams – Runnin’ Down a Dream: A Tribute to Tom Petty (Vinyl 2LP)


Revered singer/songwriter Lucinda Williams is working to help independent music venues during this time with the announcement of Lu’s Jukebox. Scheduled as a six-episode series of mostly full-band, HD video performances in-studio, Lu’s Jukebox will feature a themed set of songs by other artists curated by the multi-Grammy award winner. Lucinda has poured her heart and soul into each of these episodes. From hand-selecting the songs to giving it her all in the studio, this series has been a journey you won’t want to miss.

Tracked live by Grammy Award-winning producer Ray Kennedy, the first episode kicked off in October 2020 with Running Down A Dream: A Tribute To Tom Petty, featuring songs from his celebrated career in advance of his 70th Birthday. Includes takes on “Runnin’ Down a Dream,'” “I Won’t Back Down,” “Wildflowers,” “You Don’t Know How It Feels,” and “Room at the Top” among others.

“We’ve actually wanted to do a cover series for a long time now, but never had the time with my touring schedule,” says Williams. “I guess the silver lining in all of this has been to be able to really get inside the songs of some of my favorite artists – see what makes them tick. My hope for this project is that we’ll be able to help as many venues as we can. They’re our homes, as artists. We have to take care of them, for the sake of live music to come.”

  1. Rebels
  2. Runnin’ Down a Dream
  3. Gainesville
  4. Louisiana Rain
  5. I Won’t Back Down
  6. A Face in the Crowd
  7. Wildflowers
  8. You Wreck Me
  9. Room at the Top
  10. You Don’t Know How It Feels
  11. Down South
  12. Southern Accents
  13. Stolen Moments

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