Donald Byrd – Royal Flush (180g Vinyl LP)


Donald Byrd – Royal Flush

Donald Byrd gained his greatest fame in the 1970s when he recorded commercially successful funk albums, but he was at the height of his swinging powers back in 1961 when he created Royal Flush. One of the great trumpeters to emerge from the 1950s, Byrd helped to define hard bop. His band with Pepper Adams and the young Herbie Hancock (at the beginning of his career) was at its hottest throughout Royal Flush, a hard-hitting blowing session.

The music ranges from bluesy bop to harmonically complex pieces that point towards the future of jazz. The music is timeless, heated, and exhilarating, and it has never had better sound better than on this memorable reissue. Royal Flush features Donald Byrd at the peak of his powers.

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