Dave Gahan – Paper Monsters (Vinyl LP)


Paper Monsters is the debut solo album from Depeche Mode lead singer Dave Gahan. Originally released in 2003 the album features the singles Dirty Sticky Floors and I Need You. Gahan first played with the idea of releasing a solo album after the release of Depeche Mode’s Exciter in 2001, but approached the project slowly. It was not until he began writing music with friend and musician Knox Chandler that he gained the self-confidence he needed to begin to consider working on an album of his own material.


  • 1. Dirty Sticky Floors
  • 2. Hold On
  • 3. A Little Piece
  • 4. Bottle Living
  • 5. Black And Blue Again


  • 1. Stay
  • 2. I Need You
  • 3. Bitter Apple
  • 4. Hidden Houses
  • 5. Goodbye

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