Audio-Technica AT-PEQ30 Phono Preamp Equalizer


The AT-PEQ30 is standalone phono preamp designed to upgrade the sonics from your turntable. Even if your turntable has an in-built phono pre-amp, the AT-PEQ30 will likely improve the sound you are receiving. It is compatible with turntables with VM, MC and MM cartridges.



  • Selectable MM and MC input with fixed gain and impedance allows for compatibility with a wide range of moving magnet and moving coil cartridges
  • High-quality FET inputs ensure a low noise signal when incorporated with a negative feedback-type phono equalizer circuit
  • Precision components provide an excellent RIAA response for best-in-class performance
  • The all metal construction enclosure provides superior isolation from radio and electronic noise interference
  • The machined aluminium front panel and gold-plated input/output RCA connectors are examples of the high-grade material used throughout

AT-PEQ30 Specifications

Input Impedance                  MM : 47kΩ / MC : 120Ω

Sensitivity                             MM : 4.5mV / MC : 0.28mV

Nominal Output Level           MM : 250mV / MC : 250mV

Gain                                      MM : 35dB / MC : 59dB

Signal-To-Noise Ratio           MM : 100dB / MC : 74dB

RIAA Deviation                     MM : ±0.5dB / MC : ±0.5dB (20 ~ 20kHz)

Power Supply                       DC 15V, 1.2A

Rating Capacity                    2.5W

Dimensions                           H47mm x W197.5mm x D125.5mm

Weight                                  Approx. 890g

Accessories Furnished         AC adapter