Edifier T5 Powered Subwoofer


Edifier T5 Powered Subwoofer

The T5 is paired perfectly with the new R1850DB speakers (sold separately) or any speakers that have output for a powered subwoofer. The T5 will support the low sounds that your speakers cannot with bass down to 38Hz. The 8” driver delivers 70w of powerful sound with rich and accurate bass to provide you with the best listening experience.

Deep lows do not need to sound overblown and distorted with the T5s. Bass and frequency range can be adjusted easily. The automatic standby feature ensures the unit is only powered up when you use it.

Demo the T5 subwoofer system with the R1850DB speakers at RetroCrates!



  • Reduced acoustic resonance with MDF cabinet
  • Automatic Standby to conserve power usage
  • Adjustable Bass and Frequency response
  • 8” speaker driver for distortion-free bass
  • Low pass filter with38Hz frequency response

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