RetroCrates is a business registered entity based in Singapore.

We take selling vinyl seriously as we know how much people treasure good music. Shipping costs have been carefully calculated to ensure the most cost-effective shipping method is recommended. Packaging is of utmost importance as it is every seller’s and buyer’s nightmare that the item arrives damaged, especially precious records. We’ve also taken into consideration the best payment method available, secure with minimal fuss and complication.

Hopefully we have covered most of your questions below. If not, please feel free to drop us an email.

1. Placing An Order

It’s simple. Just click on the item you wish to purchase and add it to your shopping cart. Input the relevant details (eg. name, delivery address, billing address etc). Shipping charges are calculated upon check-out. Payment instructions will be requested when you confirm the order.

2. Payment Methods

PayPal is a safe and accepted method of payment. As your personal and financial details are securely encrypted through PayPal’s systems, your financial information stays safe and is never shared with us or any other seller. You do not need a PayPal account to make payment via credit/debit card.

Orders placed will be charged at the time of placing the order, regardless of whether the items are on pre-order or not.

3. Delivery and Shipping

Postage charges applied will be dependent on size and weight. A standard jacket single LP weighs around 300-350grams, inclusive of packaging (gatefold albums will weigh a bit more).

Options for standard post or courier will be available at checkout with prices shown.

Orders for delivery within Singapore will usually be delivered within 3 working days. For overseas orders, it will take between 7-21 working days. This is subject to item availability.

4. Customs and Import Charges

RetroCrates is NOT responsible for any import or custom taxes/charges imposed by your local customs regulatory board. Please check with your local authorities regarding any taxes that may be imposed to your on-line order.

Some countries (eg. Australia) now charge taxes for goods purchases online at the point of sale. RetroCrates reserves the right to request for such additional charges to be included to the payment. Should the buyer refuse to pay for the taxes, the order will be cancelled.

RetroCrates cannot be held responsible for any International taxes or levies charged for your order.

5. Cancelling Orders

If your order hasn’t been processed, we can cancel your order. However, we are unable to cancel the order if it has been processed or despatched.

6. Exchanges and Returns Policy

In the event of an item being defective you may return the item to us (at your own cost). We only accept returns on defective records, such as unplayable warps, skips, deep scratches etc. We will not accept returns on light scratches and scuff marks. We reserve the right to decide on all returns.

When returning defective items you should include your name, address, order number, a contact e-mail or phone number and details of the fault (i.e. skips on track 7).

It is advisable to obtain a posting certificate from the post office as this will be needed in the event of loss. RetroCrates is unable to accept responsibility for loss of any parcels returned to us.

7. Exclusives

Exclusive items from RetroCrates are available in very limited quantities and as such, we may impose a limit on how many a customer can buy.

Should there be a circumstance whereby the Exclusive item is defective, you can return the item to us (at your own cost) for a full refund. We cannot guarantee that we can offer any replacement for the item due to its limited quantities.

8. Grading Used Records

Grading is highly subjective. We base it on the original system developed by Goldmine Records and highlight the condition of (1) the LP (2) the inner (lyric) sleeve, if any, and (3) the cover. We grade our records conservatively. Our grading policy can be found here.

Not every record that goes through our hands would be played in its entirety before it gets graded – that’s the honest fact. The time taken makes it too impractical for most record sellers to run through every single track. As such, most records listed will have tracks randomly tested and are visually graded unless otherwise highlighted. Pre-owned records over $60 are play-graded.

If you choose to have your selected used record play-graded, let us know. This can take up to a week.